5 Cool Kids Games That Can Be Played With the Entire Family

The love of games is evident in kids, right from their tender age. They will make up and play their own games for hours without showing any sign of getting bored. Games are the avenue through which kids also get to learn; games light up their world of thought and exploration.

It is almost impossible to single out any one games as the coolest games ever made because children just love the different fun and entertainment offered by various games. Nevertheless, there are certain cool games that can be said to have truly stood the test of time and still bear relevance as a source of fun and entertainment for kids. Here are some of the games:

1) Candyland

This game is a nice choice to play with kids aged four years and above. It is an ideal game that will teach your kids how to count but also reinforces their capacity to match things. Let the kids pick a card and decide if they need to move one or more steps and then look for the matching color card.

2) Monopoly

While monopoly is a fun board game, it still can teach your kids how to make money through making investments. It is a cool game that budding capitalists enjoy, but also a nice choice for the family to sit around the table and enjoy playing.

3) Twister

Twister is just pure fun; think of it as a huge board game that offers a lot of fun for the entire family. If you are looking for that fun game that brings in the values of family togetherness, then you need to consider getting your kids to play twister. The game is suitable for kids aged six years and above.

4) Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Junior
If you are looking for a cool game that will help sharpen your kids’ minds, then Scrabble is a good choice. Your kids do not just learn how to play around with letters but also get to better their English. Scrabble is one game that you can be played by kids aged eight years and above.

5) Chess

If your kids grow up playing and loving chess, they will be among the few children that know how to strategies issues. Chess is a game that requires thought and strategic analysis. Start your kids early on this games and you just have a chess prodigy in your family. The games can be played by kids as soon as they come of age and can understand and make decisive actions.