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Steam Showers With Bluetooth Technology: The Stream Of The Future

Shower cabins come in a wide variety of prices, shapes, and sizes with many interesting features that can be added on. If you are thinking that making the decision about which unit to buy will be difficult, it is important to understand that these enclosures and cabins are similar to each other when it comes to the shower portion of the product. To make the best decision, you need to concentrate on the available features to help you guide your selection. High tech features and gadgets available include USB connections, mp3 players, touch screen controls, mood lighting, and built-in radios.


In our estimation, the single best feature that will significantly enhance your time in your whirlpool or steam shower is Bluetooth connectivity. These newer models are truly special, because they give you more control over what you choose to listen to or watch.

You might think that a Bluetooth enabled shower is out of your reach. The good news is that shower cabins with Bluetooth enabled are no longer available strictly for high end products. Each year, more shower manufacturers are including this extra feature. In fact, Bluetooth connectivity is now standard on almost 30% of the steam showers on offer.

Bluetooth makes sense because most people nowadays have devices such as tablets or smartphones that are Bluetooth enabled. With one, you can use the built-in speakers inside of the shower to connect the device to the shower and listen to whatever you want.

During your morning shower, you can listen to an audio book or a selection of your favorite music. Of course, showers with an mp3 connection do give you some ability to select what you want to listen to. However, Bluetooth connections take it a step further and allow you to hear the news or anything else that you wish to stream.