Get Into The Tech Groove – Wear It In 2015

We’re not going to get robotic upgrades in 2015, mores the pity, in fact it may be some time before we get those cool implants that allow us to leap tall buildings in a single bound or merge with the Internet. We’re not going to be plugged in anytime soon.

However we may be at the cusp of a revolution in technology nonetheless.Not satisfied with out ever smaller (or bigger – personal preference is everything) smartphones we’re now wearing our technology.

The latest wearable tech does everything from monitoring our health, and nagging us when we don’t live up to our part of the exercise bargain – to managing our diaries.

So for those who believe that wearable technology is the future, what are the hottest gadgets that we’re going to be seeing in 2015?

Let’s start off with some of the products that launched the wearable technology revolution that have now been reinvented for a new generation.

Pebble Time

First there’s the venerable Pebble, which was one of the forerunners of the smartwatch craze. The new Pebble Time adds a little bit of functionality and a color screen, but in reality there’s absolutely no reason for the original purchasers of the first Pebble models to open up their wallets again. There’s also the more upmarket Pebble Steel with a longer lasting battery, but, although the fashion conscious may be tempted its still not groundbreaking, cool, but not groundbreaking. Many people were not blown away by the Pebble when it first hit the market – these latest iterations aren’t going to change their minds.


apple watch

The next piece of tech may just be (for the moment) the must have wearable of 2015 – and no surprise its from our ultra cool friends at Apple. The latest from watch from Apple is a wearable sign of coolness and the folk at Apple deserve kudos for that. It’s already the must have accessory of 2015. Many people are waiting for the new software (and hardware) upgrades to jump into the Apple pit, but is past performance is any indicator this is going to be huge.


Misfit FlashHere’s one from the outer limits – the Misfit Flash, looks like a watch but is actually a fitness tracker. cool and understated it’s what a number of savvy fitness freaks are going to be wearing on their wrists in 2015. Bonus, it can function as a watch and it’s waterproof as well.


At the entry level and in the value for money Jawbone Up2category we have the Jawbone Up2. The no frills fitness and lifestyle tracker is minimalist in appearance but does what it’s supposed to do. If you want to take the next step to improving your fitness and general health, while not breaking the bank this time proven stalwart might be just what you’re looking for.

2015 Might not have delivered anything particularly revolutionary, however this year has seen the wearables market entrench itself as a viable technology niche that is set to go from strength to strength. Roll on 2016.