5 Cool Kids Games That Can Be Played With the Entire Family

The love of games is evident in kids, right from their tender age. They will make up and play their own games for hours without showing any sign of getting bored. Games are the avenue through which kids also get to learn; games light up their world of thought and exploration.

It is almost impossible to single out any one games as the coolest games ever made because children just love the different fun and entertainment offered by various games. Nevertheless, there are certain cool games that can be said to have truly stood the test of time and still bear relevance as a source of fun and entertainment for kids. Here are some of the games:

1) Candyland

This game is a nice choice to play with kids aged four years and above. It is an ideal game that will teach your kids how to count but also reinforces their capacity to match things. Let the kids pick a card and decide if they need to move one or more steps and then look for the matching color card.

2) Monopoly

While monopoly is a fun board game, it still can teach your kids how to make money through making investments. It is a cool game that budding capitalists enjoy, but also a nice choice for the family to sit around the table and enjoy playing.

3) Twister

Twister is just pure fun; think of it as a huge board game that offers a lot of fun for the entire family. If you are looking for that fun game that brings in the values of family togetherness, then you need to consider getting your kids to play twister. The game is suitable for kids aged six years and above.

4) Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Junior
If you are looking for a cool game that will help sharpen your kids’ minds, then Scrabble is a good choice. Your kids do not just learn how to play around with letters but also get to better their English. Scrabble is one game that you can be played by kids aged eight years and above.

5) Chess

If your kids grow up playing and loving chess, they will be among the few children that know how to strategies issues. Chess is a game that requires thought and strategic analysis. Start your kids early on this games and you just have a chess prodigy in your family. The games can be played by kids as soon as they come of age and can understand and make decisive actions.

Inflatable hot tub2

A Guide on How to Choose an Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tub2

Buying an inflatable hot tub is a bit complex given the many things you need to consider before making a purchase. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know when buying the inflatable hot tub.

Quality – The first thing to consider is the quality of the tub; it should be made from an expandable and unyielding material. The material should not puncture easily and should be able to withstand high temperatures and different weather conditions.

Size – The size of the tub comes in when you consider the number of people that will use the tub at the same time. A standard hot tub can comfortably cater for 2 – 4 people but you can get a bigger tub that can fit 8 or more people. The only issue is the price. The bigger the tub, the higher the price and the more water to fill.

Space – As you consider the size, you will need to think of space in regards to where you plan to place your hot tub. Do you plan to put it on the patio, backyard, or empty room in the house, or a conservatory? Make sure you have the correct measurement of the space to help you buy the appropriate tub.

Power – An inflatable hot tub will need electricity to function; otherwise, you will just have an inflatable pool. As you consider the issue of power, you need to check some few things such as the plug socket and wiring. The tub should come with a long wire, and the plug socket should be design to make sure it is watertight.

Once you have covered the above issues, you need to focus on setting up the inflatable hot tub. Here some of the things to consider in terms of setting up the tub.

Inflatable hot tub

Ease – A portable hot tub is expected to be quick and easy to set up. The tub should come will easy to read setup instructions. Nevertheless, the setup process is as simple as place the tub where you want to locate it and inflate it then fill it with water. No special tools or expert installation procedures required.

Inflating – The best inflatable hot tubs come will a unit that regulates, heats, and recycles the water, but also inflates the tub. Just remember to avoid over inflate it; it is better give it enough air pressure, then increase the pressure once the water is heat to the right temperature because the water and the heat will increase the pressure.

Heating – Never settle for a hot tub that boosts of heating the water in less than 6 – 10 hours. The best inflatable hot tub should be able to heat the water in around 10 – 12 hours.

Maintenance and Repair
Away from the setting up, you need to consider the costs of maintenance and repairs. For instance, you will need to know how to clean the tub. Therefore, buy an inflatable hot tub that comes with a maintenance manual that will help you know where the filters are and how they are cleaned, the types of chemical to use to prevent the infestation of micro-organisms. On the other hand, you need to know how to do certain repairs such as fixing punctures.

Steam Showers With Bluetooth Technology: The Stream Of The Future

Shower cabins come in a wide variety of prices, shapes, and sizes with many interesting features that can be added on. If you are thinking that making the decision about which unit to buy will be difficult, it is important to understand that these enclosures and cabins are similar to each other when it comes to the shower portion of the product. To make the best decision, you need to concentrate on the available features to help you guide your selection. High tech features and gadgets available include USB connections, mp3 players, touch screen controls, mood lighting, and built-in radios.


In our estimation, the single best feature that will significantly enhance your time in your whirlpool or steam shower is Bluetooth connectivity. These newer models are truly special, because they give you more control over what you choose to listen to or watch.

You might think that a Bluetooth enabled shower is out of your reach. The good news is that shower cabins with Bluetooth enabled are no longer available strictly for high end products. Each year, more shower manufacturers are including this extra feature. In fact, Bluetooth connectivity is now standard on almost 30% of the steam showers on offer.

Bluetooth makes sense because most people nowadays have devices such as tablets or smartphones that are Bluetooth enabled. With one, you can use the built-in speakers inside of the shower to connect the device to the shower and listen to whatever you want.

During your morning shower, you can listen to an audio book or a selection of your favorite music. Of course, showers with an mp3 connection do give you some ability to select what you want to listen to. However, Bluetooth connections take it a step further and allow you to hear the news or anything else that you wish to stream.

Get Into The Tech Groove – Wear It In 2015

We’re not going to get robotic upgrades in 2015, mores the pity, in fact it may be some time before we get those cool implants that allow us to leap tall buildings in a single bound or merge with the Internet. We’re not going to be plugged in anytime soon.

However we may be at the cusp of a revolution in technology nonetheless.Not satisfied with out ever smaller (or bigger – personal preference is everything) smartphones we’re now wearing our technology.

The latest wearable tech does everything from monitoring our health, and nagging us when we don’t live up to our part of the exercise bargain – to managing our diaries.

So for those who believe that wearable technology is the future, what are the hottest gadgets that we’re going to be seeing in 2015?

Let’s start off with some of the products that launched the wearable technology revolution that have now been reinvented for a new generation.

Pebble Time

First there’s the venerable Pebble, which was one of the forerunners of the smartwatch craze. The new Pebble Time adds a little bit of functionality and a color screen, but in reality there’s absolutely no reason for the original purchasers of the first Pebble models to open up their wallets again. There’s also the more upmarket Pebble Steel with a longer lasting battery, but, although the fashion conscious may be tempted its still not groundbreaking, cool, but not groundbreaking. Many people were not blown away by the Pebble when it first hit the market – these latest iterations aren’t going to change their minds.


apple watch

The next piece of tech may just be (for the moment) the must have wearable of 2015 – and no surprise its from our ultra cool friends at Apple. The latest from watch from Apple is a wearable sign of coolness and the folk at Apple deserve kudos for that. It’s already the must have accessory of 2015. Many people are waiting for the new software (and hardware) upgrades to jump into the Apple pit, but is past performance is any indicator this is going to be huge.


Misfit FlashHere’s one from the outer limits – the Misfit Flash, looks like a watch but is actually a fitness tracker. cool and understated it’s what a number of savvy fitness freaks are going to be wearing on their wrists in 2015. Bonus, it can function as a watch and it’s waterproof as well.


At the entry level and in the value for money Jawbone Up2category we have the Jawbone Up2. The no frills fitness and lifestyle tracker is minimalist in appearance but does what it’s supposed to do. If you want to take the next step to improving your fitness and general health, while not breaking the bank this time proven stalwart might be just what you’re looking for.

2015 Might not have delivered anything particularly revolutionary, however this year has seen the wearables market entrench itself as a viable technology niche that is set to go from strength to strength. Roll on 2016.

Shopping For The Coolest Gadgets For Your Pet

When it comes to pet gear, you want to have something that is fun, yet still offers up convenience to you as a pet owner. There are always all sorts of really cool pet gadgets that are hitting the market, so it is easier than ever to shop. It is all a matter of picking out the right gifts for your pet that are going to double as something fun and convenient for you at the same time.



This is a pet feeder that is controllable through your smartphone. When you use it, you have the ability to control how much food your dog or your cat is consuming each day, even when you are unable to be home. Unlike a lot of the automatic pet feeders that calls for pre-portioning food, the Pintofeed stores it all int eh main tank. All you have to do is dispense a new serving of food on command. This is just right for any time that you are going to late from work as you can simply activate the feeding from wherever you are from the app on your phone. You can even grant access to a friend or other family member if need be.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid

A great app is always going to be one that allows you to have information at your fingertips while also being able to keep your pet nice and safe. Pet First Aid has all of the information that you need for the health of your cat or dog. This app allows you to gather information to try to determine what the issue might be and lets you know when it is time to bring your pet to the vet to be seen. Not only will you have the basic information needed on animal health issues and hazardous substances in and around your home, but you also have the ability to track the medical history as well as vaccinations for each pet.



Activity trackers are always cool to use, however with this one you can also track your pet’s sleep and exercise while comparing it to other dogs that happen to be in the same breed category. When completely set up, you can even have reports emailed directly to your vet or even put in specific milestones that will allow you to track behavior. The device can be connected to allow you to look at the statistics on your smartphone as well. This gadget is available for pre-order and it comes along with a collar attachment, charger, waterproof shockproof tracker.

Halo Mini Illuminated Collar

Halo Mini Illuminated Collar

These mini collars are a fun, rechargeable collar with LED lighting that helps you to keep an eye on your pet while you are out for a walk during the evening ours. Fun and safe to use on different sizes and breeds of dogs, this gadget comes from the same company that brought you Halo Belt.